Being Disciples – Steve Jones

One Body, Many PartsSteve Jones gave this talk one Sunday morning in 2014, as part of a series called One Body, Many Parts. He talks about how discipleship in the church needs to involve strong relationships and good levels of challenging one another.

You can listen to the talk or download it for free from our main church website at the following link:

To see the whole teaching series, which also includes talks on serving one another, missional communities and spiritual gifts, use this link:


Building A Discipling Culture – Mike Breen

The truth of the matter is that we don’t have a missional problem or leadership problem in the Western Church. We have a discipleship problem. If we make disciples like Jesus made them, we’ll never have a problem finding leaders or seeing new people come to faith. – Mike Breen

Mike Breen and the 3DM team have put together this book on discipling people in the context of mission, and looking to Jesus as a great example of how to disciple others.

The values set out in this book reflect a lot of what we as a church would like to see in our discipleship. If you are leading in any way, whether as a personal pastor, in youth ministry, or a Missional Community, this book is highly recommended.

We have copies of the new paperback edition of this title at OCC to borrow, and also brand new copies to buy. Contact the church office for details.

Student Linkup Trainer Pack – Fusion


Fusion have created the student linkup Trainer Pack to help youth leaders and others who are helping teenagers prepare to go to university. This pack includes:

  • The Trainer Pack DVD, which includes content to help you lead an event themed around preparing for university
  • ‘University: the Big Challenge’ by Rich Wilson & James Hewitt, a book which shares experiences and challenges faced by school leavers
  • ‘Studentscape’ by Rich Wilson, a book for 18-25 year olds seeking discipleship in a higher education setting
  • Fuse magazine
  • How to make use of the Student Linkup service to help people find a new church

School Leaver Pack


Fusion have created the student linkup School Leaver Pack to help sixth formers preparing to go to university. This pack includes:

  • A DVD featuring interviews with students who share their experiences, advice on making the most of university and how to find a church
  • ‘The Student Alphabet’ by Rich Wilson & Anna Mather, an A-Z guide to university for freshers
  • Fuse magazine
  • How to make use of the Student Linkup service to help you find a new church

The Gift of Life


To accompany the teaching series at the start of 2014, we created a series of booklets on our subject of the key doctrines of the gospel and how to share them with others. These booklets include summaries of important points, devotional readings, and suggestions of other related resources.

The series is available for free download at the following link:

Chasing the Dragon – Jackie Pullinger


This is Jackie Pullinger’s account of her work in the Walled City in Hong Kong, ministering to gangs, prostitutes and drug addicts. Her stories of redemption and generosity are inspiring and challenging.

This is an engaging autobiographical story, showing what difference Jesus makes to people in the most difficult circumstances.

Out of the Saltshaker – Rebecca Manley Pippert


‘Evangelism as a way of life’ is the theme for this book, which tells the author’s personal account of a change in heart and understanding towards evangelism, and examines the example set by Jesus.

This books sets out an attitude towards evangelism that is free from obligation, and motivated by compassion for others and love for God. She also looks at the power of prayer, styles of conversation, and models for Bible studies.